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「青山一丁目駅」4番出口より徒歩5分 (東京メトロ 半蔵門線/銀座線、都営地下鉄 大江戸線)





東京都港区赤坂8丁目6-27 スカイプラザ赤坂101


月曜日〜土曜日:9:00 〜 21:00 (電話の予約受付は18:00迄)



Phone: 080-6292-7211 / 03-6438-9750
E-mail: kumi@tsukiokaacupuncture.com

http://www.facebook.com/tsukiokaacupuncture にアクセスして頂くと、よりクリニックの事を知って頂けます。

施術中は電話に出る事が出来ない為、留守番電話にメッセージを残して頂くか、メールでお名前、電話番号、ご希望の日時(例:◯月◯日 12時ー15時の間)をご連絡頂きますと、こちらから折り返しお電話でご連絡させて頂きます。(頂きましたお電話やメールの返信は営業日の場合はその日のうちにさせて頂いておりますが、メールが届かない等の可能性もありますので、万が一こちらからの連絡が無い場合は、再度携帯電話へのご連絡を宜しくお願い致します。



Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Hanzomon line, Oedo line," Aoyama Itchome Station" 5min walk from Ext 4

8min walk from Nogizaka Station, 16min walk from Roppongi Station, 15min walk from Akasaka Station


Sky Plaza Akasaka 101, 8-6-27, Akasaka, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan


Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 9:00pm (The reservation by telephone is accepted till 18:00. For making an appointment after 18:00, please e-mail me. )

 I will be out of the clinic from August 5 to August 30, If you would like to contact me, please send me an email, which I will check often.

By reservation only. Please let me know when you would like to get the treatment in advance. If you would like to cancel the treatment, please call me or e-mail me by the day before, 9pm.


Phone: 080-6292-7211 / 03-6438-9750
E-mail: kumi@tsukiokaacupuncture.com

You can check more about my clinic through: http://www.facebook.com/tsukiokaacupuncture

I cannot answer the phone calls during the treatments, so email might be more convenient.  Please e-mail me with your name, your phone number and the date and time when you would like to be treated. (ex: 11/18, from 13pm to 15pm) I will call you back as soon as possible to confirm the reservation. (If you did not get the reply on the working day you e-mailed, please call my phone to leave the message.)


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Access Map

Sky Plaza Akasaka
Sky Plaza Akasaka