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 - My clinic is a private, spacious treatment room where you will receive 1 to 1 consultation and treatment.

- You can feel comfortable that your requirements will be tended to & your privacy respected.

- You will be able to experience my the treatment whilst enjoying a relaxed atmosphere with aroma therapy and even some peaceful music if you desire.

- I am a female practitioner, so this may provide more comfortable access for women.

- Treatment is done one person at a time. Whilst working with the needles, you can also get moxa, massage and so on which can be extremely fulfilling.

- You will be treated by myself as a sole practitioner, so I can track your health condition and changes, and plan the best treatment for you.

- I've learned techniques and therapy knowledge in Japan, China and the United States. Utilising this diverse knowledge I can customise & suggest the most suitable treatment.

- Even if it is your first time to try acupuncture or feel a little scared of needles, I will perform a careful consultation and suggest the best way to treat your condition.

- Needles are disposable & each needle is only used once. Usually I am using very thin needles which bring a comfortable feeling. However, if you still feel uncomfortable, I have no problem to change the treatment plan in the middle of your session.