CLAYD- クレイド


Have you ever heard of "CLAYD"? It is made by Kae-san, who is an amazing woman with the passion for making this society healthier!


In short, "CLAYD" is bath clay, but it has effects on many symptoms… such as skin problems (dry, allergy, acne and so on),  pain, getting rid of heavy metal of the body, improve the circulation of blood etc. You can even drink it if you want to detox on the heavy metal of the body as well! Also can make facial pack and patches for pain etc. It is a natural product so it is good for babies, 


When I used the product, the colour of the water changed and became darker! CLAYD has the effect to absorb the body wastes and heavy metal, so that the colour changed...


Very nice packages and good for presents as well!


I will try the clay pack and also for the drink next time...



Have a nice golden week! I will be off from 5/2(Sat)-5/5(Tue)!